Top Madden 25 player ratings leaked

A new NFL season means it’s time for Madden 25 to update its player ratings. Fans of the sport eagerly anticipate the reveal of the Madden ratings, curious to see which players have earned a spot in the prestigious 99 Club.

Information about the Madden 25 ratings has been leaked, introducing us to some fresh faces for this year. Here’s a rundown of what we currently know.

Madden 25 99 Club Ratings Leaked

Player Rating Position Team
Patrick Mahomes 99 QB Kansas City Chiefs
Christian McCaffrey 99 HB San Francisco 49ers
Travis Kelce 99 THE Kansas City Chiefs
Tyreek Hill 99 WR Miami Dolphins
Justin Jefferson 99 WR Minnesota Vikings

According to Dov Kleiman, an NFL insider, this year’s Madden 25’s 99 Club will include five players. If the leaks prove to be accurate, we can expect Tyreek Hill and Christian McCaffrey to join the prestigious group at launch, bringing new faces to the list.

The ratings for Mahomes, Kelce, and Jefferson will remain the same as they were in the Madden 24 release.

Are beta ratings final?

Contrary to popular belief, the ratings in Madden 25’s beta version are not the definitive ratings that will be featured in the game when it releases on August 16. The beta ratings are still subject to potential modifications, as the developers aim to solidify the

On June 14, in a post on X, Clint Oldenburg, the Production Director for EA SPORTS American Football, confirmed that the player ratings in the beta version are not yet finalized. Oldenburg also clarified that the beta ratings have intentionally been changed to keep fans engaged and intrigued, stating, “They have deliberately been scrambled.”

Although the beta ratings are subject to change, EA Sports will gradually unveil the top ratings for every position and team before the launch.

Upon the release of the official ratings, we will be sure to showcase the Top 100. Therefore, please check back for any updates.

This summer, football fans can anticipate the release of EA Sports College Football 25, which will debut about a month before Madden 25. This highly anticipated game will showcase the top college football teams in the United States.

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