This 4th-Generation K-Pop Idol Pleads for Better Treatment from Company during Live Broadcast: ‘Are You Listening?’

Swan, the youngest member of PURPLE KISS, is gaining online attention for her latest livestream.

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On Twitter, netizens shared a video of Swan interacting with her fans during a live broadcast on social media platform X. However, a lot of attention was given to Swan’s request to agency RBW, where she pleaded for PURPLE KISS to receive better treatment.

The video revealed that a fan had asked Swan about the postponement of PURPLE KISS’ concert in Korea, wondering if it was due to the production of an official lightstick and membership.

“The fan asked if the Korean concert was delayed due to the preparations for the official lightstick and PLORY membership. This prompted Swan to share her emotional response, addressing the concerns of the fans.”

Swan began by catching RBW’s attention and stressing the importance of these valuable items that symbolize the strong connection between PURPLE KISS and PLORYs. The youngest member also pointed out that as PURPLE KISS approaches their fourth anniversary in 2024, it is high time for these items to be received.

“The are so many PLORYs and PURPLE KISS members who want official lightsticks and official PLORY memberships, and I’m waiting for the concert. Are you listening? RBW, are you listening? Really, please make it, please, we are working really hard.

And I’ll continue working hard, please. It’s our fourth anniversary this year. Official lightstick and official PLORY membership, we still don’t have it. Does it make sense? But you must have circumstances, right? I understand.

It’s not that I don’t understand, (but) I’m urging you one more time (laughs), it’s not a threat.”

On the platform, netizens and fans shared their frustration and directed it towards RBW, while others praised Swan for speaking up. Here’s a look at their reactions:

  • “The sight, RBW really don’t plan anything I’m going to burn this company.”
  • “PURPLE KISS doesn’t have a lightstick yet? Groups that have debuted after them already have one?! WTH RBW.”
  • “Even your own artist is calling you out. RBW do better @RBW_OfficialTwt.”
  • “I’m not surprised with RBW. If they can treat MAMAMOO who built their company from scratch badly, they can do the same/worse to others.”
  • “We should ask the company and not the members about this, they get so stressed because they don’t have an answer.”
  • “No, they’re getting the f(x) treatment. I hope RBW stops this BS.”

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