Guide to breeding Helzephyr Lux in Palworld

Discover the method for breeding Helzephyr Lux in Palworld, a recently introduced Pal with Electric and Dark attributes that can serve as a mount during gameplay.

The most recent update for Sakurajima has introduced a variety of additions to the Palpagos island in Palworld, such as the powerful new Helzephyr Lux Pal. This Pal has the ability to summon lightning to strike down any unlucky foes.

This Electric and Dark-type Pal is highly versatile, as it can be used as a flying mount and can also be enlisted to assist with Electricity and Transporting tasks in your base.

Palworld: Breeding Helzephyr Lux

A Breeding Farm in Palworld.

Having a building farm is essential to breed Pals.

The Helzephyr Lux is a type of Helzephyr that can be encountered on Sakurajima Island. Unlike the Wixen Noct, which is only available at night, the Helzephyr Lux can be found both day and night, increasing the chances of running into it.

In order to create Helzephyr Lux, you can combine Helzephyr with Beakon using the breeding farm in Palworld. Similarly, if you manage to catch opposite-gendered Helzephyr Luxs, they can also be bred.

To successfully breed Helzephyr Lux in Palworld, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Obtain the Mixed Farm from the Technology Tree and position it on your base to unlock it.
  2. A Cake should be placed on the breeding farm.
  3. Then, retrieve your male and female Pals and carefully position them inside the structure.
  4. Each Pal should be assigned to the breeding farm.
  5. Subsequently, an egg will emerge, and you simply have to be patient until the breeding process is completed.

If you intend to produce additional Pals in the future, it is advisable to set up a cake farm at your base as it can be a lengthy process. Nonetheless, owning some of the most efficient kindling Pals can expedite the process.

During the breeding process, take a look at how you can earn Dog Coins through farming to acquire beneficial items for your future.

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