K-Media Discusses Lisa’s Solo Comeback Performance

Despite BLACKPINK Lisa’s highly anticipated solo career after leaving YG Entertainment, K-media deemed her global star comeback as somewhat “disappointing.”Here’s why.

On June 28th, the Thai superstar launched her solo career with the single “ROCKSTAR”, marking her official departure from YG.

Before its debut, all attention in the music industry was centered around her highly anticipated return. Not only was it her first solo release in three years since “LALISA”in 2021, but it also marked her first album under her own label, LLOUD Co.

Upon the release of the MV and sound source, Lisa received high praise for her exceptional rap abilities and lively pop vocals. It has been reported that she was also involved in the songwriting and composition process, earning applause for her contributions.

Despite the song, Lisa’s unconventional appearance was also a standout. In contrast to her typical idol look, which includes fair skin and aegyo-sal makeup, Lisa fully embraced a “rockstar”image by sporting goggles, chains, tooth gems, and a wolf cut hairstyle, as well as having a tanned complexion. This caused a range of reactions from viewers.

Finally, her music video received widespread approval, particularly from Thais, after she chose to film in Bangkok and incorporate elements of their identity, culture, and daily life.

After being released, the music video for “ROCKSTAR”quickly garnered 53M views within 3 days, demonstrating her transformation from an idol to a highly regarded musician.

K-Media Highlights Lisa's 'Disappointing' Solo Comeback — Is It Really A 'Flop'?
(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa (News1))

Despite her comeback receiving positive feedback from fans, the K-media had a different perspective and labeled it as an “unfortunate report card.”

The K-media outlet OSEN reported:

“Her chart performance is somewhat disappointing.”

According to media reports, “ROCKSTAR”was ranked 8th on the Spotify Daily Top Song Global Chart upon its release. It also placed 29th on the Korean chart, 14th in the Philippines and Hong Kong, 10th in Taiwan, and 9th in Malaysia and Singapore. Additionally, it ranked 79th in Indonesia.

Despite reaching No.1 on the iTunes Top Song Chart in Thailand, the song failed to make it into the Top 10 of MelOn, a major music chart in Korea.

K-Media Highlights Lisa's 'Disappointing' Solo Comeback — Is It Really A 'Flop'?
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Upon its release, “ROCKSTAR”is being deemed a “flop”in comparison to “LALISA,”its predecessor that dominated the Top Song Charts in 72 countries in 2021.

Despite her previous strong influence, there is now debate over whether she should be identified as a K-pop soloist or a Thai pop singer, potentially contributing to the weakening of her impact in Korea.

According to Sports Seoul, K-Netz is expressing their dissatisfaction with Lisa for placing more emphasis on her Thai roots than promoting in South Korea, even though she has spent more than half of her life living in the country.

“Lisa passed the YG Entertainment Thailand audition in 2010 and came to Korea in 2011 at the age of 14 to train as a trainee for 5 years and 3 months. After working at BLACKPINK for seven years, they established themselves as the world’s top girl group. She spent more than half of her life living in Korea.”

K-Media Highlights Lisa's 'Disappointing' Solo Comeback — Is It Really A 'Flop'?
(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa (News1))

Furthermore, her lack of musical innovation in comparison to her previous works has been widely criticized by the public, which is another contributing factor.

Despite facing negative criticism, some music critics argue that there is still potential for a comeback, citing the fact that “MONEY”was not initially well-received upon its release.

Despite one month passing, the song has continued to make waves by regaining top spots on major charts, not just in South Korea but also on a global scale, including the prestigious Billboards.

Lisa, who recently released her new single, will also venture into acting with her upcoming role in Season 3 of HBO’s “White Lotus.”In the meantime, she will continue to promote her music and prepare for her acting debut.

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