Twitch’s Streamer Achievement Program: Revealing the Bleed Purple Statue Awards

Twitch has revealed a new Streamer Achievement Program, which will grant top performers with ‘Bleed Purple Statues’ as a reward.

At TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024, the live-streaming platform unveiled the upcoming “new features, programs, and experiences”that users can anticipate.

In order to increase opportunities for people to connect, Twitch revealed a variety of updates, including a revamped mobile app and the ability to personalize Power-ups.

Despite the platform’s numerous additions, one in particular has caught the attention of the most popular streamers – a new achievement program that offers rewards to those who attract the highest number of views for the longest duration.

The new Streamer Achievement Program contains all the information that one needs to know.

Streamers and Their Achievements

Although not a novel idea, YouTube has been recognizing its creators for reaching subscriber milestones. However, this marks the first occasion in which Twitch will be distributing physical awards.

In contrast to YouTube’s existing system, Twitch’s achievement program will prioritize viewership numbers over followers.

Depending on the amount of time viewers have spent watching a specific streamer, that streamer may now be eligible to receive a Bleed Purple Statue as a gesture of recognition from Twitch for their commitment to building a community through their career.

Eligibility for Twitch’s Bleed Purple Statue

The achievement program is designed for streamers who have reached viewership milestones that are typically unattainable. This means that those who wish to receive Twitch’s “special memento”will need to accumulate impressive numbers.

The following items are listed as follows:

  1. Tier 1: Streamers who reach 5 million hours watched on their channel will be awarded their initial Bleed Purple Statue, distinguished by its solid purple color.
  2. Second Tier: Once a streamer’s channel reaches 50 million hours watched, they will be eligible for the second tier and will receive a marble Bleed Purple Statue as a gift.
  3. Tier 3: To reach the highest tier and receive a chrome Bleed Purple Statue, streamers must accumulate an impressive 250 million hours watched.

After analyzing data from as far back as 2015, Zach Bussey shared on X (formerly Twitter) that he had determined the number of creators who were “pre-qualified”to receive Twitch’s physical award.

Although 3,150 individuals were initially eligible for a tier 1 Bleed Purple Statue, the number decreased to 285 for tier 2, and only 25 creators were qualified to receive a tier 3 chrome award. The recipients of the statue will be revealed at a later date.

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