This is How to Defeat Elden Ring’s Flying Dragon Agheel

Oh, did that unexpected creature startle you when it swooped down on you at Limgrave Lake? And now you want to conquer it, huh?

You must understand that battling a dragon requires both patience and strategic thinking. But there is no need to worry, as I am here to assist you.

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How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring
How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring | Source: Fandom

Flying Dragon Agheel is an optional Greater Enemy Boss that can be found at the Dragon-burnt ruins of Limgrave Lake in Elden Ring. It is often one of the first bosses players encounter in the game.

As a new player, going up against Agheel can be a difficult task. The dragon’s ability to breathe fire and attack from a wide range make it a risky opponent to approach. In order to successfully defeat this formidable enemy, one must constantly move and exercise patience when attacking. For those seeking a tactical advantage, aiming for its head will result in a significant increase of +50% in damage dealt.

Agheel typically stays hidden until the Dragon-burnt ruins are approached. However, once you draw near, it will swoop down from the sky and engulf unsuspecting followers in its flames near the Southern bonfire at Limgrave Lake. From then on, Agheel permanently resides there and will retaliate if you come too close.

1. Preparing for The Battle

Preparing for The Battle
Preparing for The Battle | Source: In-game footage

This dragon has a formidable defense with a stance of 120 and a 3,200 HP, making it an impressive opponent. Its defense is also 106.

To overcome the Flying Dragon Agheel, one option is to utilize a spectral steed known as Torrent, which can be obtained early on in Elden Ring. Below are the steps to unlock this powerful companion:

  • Make your way to the Site of Grace at the ‘Gatefront Ruins’, located south of Stormveil Castle.
  • At that location, you will come across Melina, who will bestow upon you the ability to summon Torrent.
  • Make sure to equip the Spectral Steed Whistle as a quick item in your inventory. This will allow you to summon Torrent back into battle if it falls.

Despite not having a specific weakness to any attribute in Elden Ring, it is recommended to utilize Glintstone Pebble attacks whenever possible against Agheel.

Kaiden, a hired mercenary known as Sellsword Ashes, has the ability to inflict considerable harm before vanishing. Utilize the Rock Sling to deliver a forceful blow, and enhance the impact by using Dragonwound Grease to receive a 30% bonus.

Remember that Agheel is somewhat susceptible to Piercing damage, making it a more powerful attack than others.


Summons | Source: In-game footage

When confronting the Flying Dragon Agheel, it would be beneficial to bring along Bloody Finger Hunter Yura as an NPC ally. Yura can be found to the north of the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, with his summon sign located next to the Stake of Marika for the Agheel encounter.

Yura’s specialty lies in attacks that focus on causing bleeding, which have proven to be highly effective. Despite struggling to keep pace with Agheel, Yura serves as a valuable distraction by diverting the dragon’s focus away from you.

However, exercise caution when calling upon a player for co-op as it will raise the boss’s HP and hinder your ability to ride Torrent during the battle. Additionally, you can invoke spirit ashes to aid you in this fight.

3. Combat Tactics

Combat Tactics
Combat Tactics | Source: In-game footage

When confronting the Flying Dragon Agheel, it is important to remain in constant motion. Utilize Torrent to circle around the dragon and take advantage of any opportunities to use either close combat strikes or long-range magic to attack quickly.

Agheel primarily attacks from the front, so staying underneath him can help you avoid his most powerful strikes. Be wary of his stomping and spinning attacks.

  • Short Wing Swipes: These are rapid, downward attacks. To avoid them, use Torrent’s double jump ability.
  • Standing Fire Breath: Agheel crouches and releases an expanding cone of fire, tracking the player. Ride Torrent diagonally left or right—away from the flames and toward Agheel—as the cone narrows near its mouth.

Keep in mind, if Agheel’s stance is compromised, it is vulnerable to critical hits. Successfully executing precise attacks will result in an additional 20% damage for the remainder of the fight.

When Agheel is airborne, be wary of two things:

  • Fire Breath: Monitor the fire column and distance yourself from it. Refrain from traveling alongside it.
  • Slam Attack: When Agheel descends without breathing fire (approximately two seconds in the air), it is best to strafe around it. It is not recommended to back away, so instead try circling around, especially if you are on horseback.

Avoiding direct contact with the boss and utilizing ranged attacks is a wise strategy. Not only does it protect you, but it also enables you to slowly decrease Agheel’s health.

Rewards for Defeating Flying Dragon Agheel

What Are The Rewards For Defeating Flying Dragon Agheel
What Are The Rewards For Defeating Flying Dragon Agheel | Source: In-game footage

Although Agheel is not a mandatory boss, it is still beneficial to challenge him for the rewards, especially for faith-based characters. Additionally, facing Agheel will provide valuable knowledge about dragon attack patterns, as there will be other Dragons to encounter in this game.

By defeating Agheel, you will be rewarded with 5,000 Runes that can greatly enhance your early levels. Not only that, but you will also be given a Dragon Heart. Bring this heart to the red statue located on Dragon Communion Island (to the west) and trade it for a potent Dragon-based Sorcery.

Upon defeating Agheel, a new spell known as “Agheel’s Flame”will become available for purchase at the store located in East Caelid Cathedral. This spell allows you to transform into a dragon and unleash a fiery attack on any targets below.

To obtain Agheel’s Flame, the cost is 2 Dragon Hearts. You have two options: either save up the required amount or exchange your current heart for a less expensive alternative.

Keep in mind that Incantations, such as Agheel’s Flame, are exclusive to Faith builds with spellcasting Seals, as they are all considered dragon spells.

Prepare yourself for your inaugural dragon battle in the game, even though it may be challenging. Do not be discouraged, as your hard work will bring great rewards and this triumph will also serve as beneficial preparation for the numerous other formidable dragons you will face on this adventure.

May your sword remain keen and your bravery blaze with the same intensity as the fire of a dragon!

Elden Ring: A Brief Overview

FromSoftware, the renowned developers behind Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and the Dark Souls franchise, are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of their next major title, Elden Ring, on February 25th, 2022.

The game is based in a realm called The Lands Between, where players will assume the role of a Tarnished and venture through its mysterious grounds. With an open-world design, the game focuses on both combat and traversal. Additionally, there is a multiplayer aspect that allows players to summon others for co-operative gameplay or to be invaded for PvP battles.

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