Top 10 Dungeon Anime You Should Watch

The presence of dungeons has always been prevalent, particularly in the fantasy genre. This is not a new concept. However, the way in which they are incorporated into stories is evolving. Anime such as Delicious in Dungeon and Solo Leveling have shifted fans’ perspective on dungeons, leading to a rising demand for anime featuring them. This trend is expected to continue to grow, as demonstrated by the upcoming release of Studio OLM’s Dungeon People on July 6, 2024.

Keeping this in mind, I have carefully selected the following list for those seeking anime that revolves around dungeons. So, without any delay, let’s jump straight into the top 10 dungeon anime.

10 Rune Soldier

ruin soldier anime
Ruin Soldier | Source: IMDb

Production Company: J.C.Staff

Louie, a student of the mage’s guild, has joined forces with Merril, Genie, and Malissa to embark on an adventure. Together, they brave the ruins and battle against evil monsters, while also gaining new companions on their journey. However, their most crucial discovery is the sinister truth lurking in the shadows of their kingdom.

9-The Dungeon of Black Company

dungeon of black company
The Dungeon of Black Company | Source: IMDb

The studio behind this production is SILVER LINK.

Despite having amassed a great fortune, Kinji Ninomiya no longer feels the need to continue working. From the comfort of his penthouse window, he looks down upon the salarymen below. However, his life of leisure as a NEET suddenly came to an end when he was unexpectedly transported to a world filled with demihumans.

Despite working over 12 hours a day without breaks, Kinji found even a simple loaf of bread to be a luxurious treat. Now, in this unfamiliar world, he sets his sights on reaching the top once again, but will he be able to achieve the same success?

8. Adventures of Handyman Saitou in a Different Realm

handyman saitou
Handyman Saitou | Source: Official Website

The studio responsible for the production is C2C.

Despite Saitou’s undervalued skill as a handyman, he was fired when he asked for better compensation. Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, he was struck by our beloved truck-kun and transported to a different world.

Coincidentally, he comes across a group of three individuals – a female knight, a fairy, and a skilled mage – who are specifically searching for someone with Saitou’s abilities. Upon joining forces with them, Saitou is delighted to finally receive recognition for his talents, which were undervalued in his previous world.

Solo Leveling

solo leveling anime
Solo Leveling | Source: Crunchyroll

The studio responsible for this work is A-1 Pictures.

A decade ago, a portal emerged, bringing magical beasts from various dimensions. Some humans were gifted with extraordinary powers to combat these creatures, and they are categorized from S to E, with E being the least powerful.

Despite being known as a weak E-rank hunter, Sung Jinwoo’s life takes a drastic turn when he is given a second chance at life after nearly dying during a dungeon raid. From this point on, Jinwoo’s growth knows no bounds as he strives to become stronger than anyone could ever imagine.

Sword Art Online

they are anime
Sword Art Online | Source: Netflix

Production Company: A-1 Pictures

The NerveGear offers a virtual reality experience unlike any other VR device. Once users begin playing the newly released Sword Art Online (SAO) on it, they become trapped with no option to log out. In order to escape, they must conquer all the monsters and successfully complete each level.

Although getting trapped is not ideal, the true danger lies in the fact that dying in the game also means dying in real life. Kazuto Kirigaya, a beta-tester, quickly learns the difficulty of completing levels alone and decides to form a group of companions to aid him in finishing the game. With their lives on the line, Kazuto must proceed with caution at every turn.


slayers anime
Slayers | Source: Funimation

Production Company: E&G Films

Lina Inverse is a powerful sorceress who journeys across the world, stealing treasures from bandits. However, one day, the bandits from whom she had taken treasure decided to take revenge by ambushing her.

However, Gourry Gabriev, a skilled swordsman, believed that Lina was in danger. He defeated the bandits and brought her to Atlas City. It is there that she discovers a legendary magical artifact that is being sought after by evil forces, who intend to use it for the betterment of humanity, right?

Log Horizon

log horizon anime
Log Horizon | Source: Fandom

Production Company: Satelight

Log Horizon stands out among anime for its successful combination of fantasy and politics. When a large group of Japanese gamers become stuck in the virtual world of Elder Tale, a widely-played MMORPG, chaos erupts as they are unable to exit the game.

Shiroe, a reserved and experienced player of the game, is among the group. He remains level-headed as he navigates the unfamiliar world. He is soon accompanied by his comrade Naotsusgu and a player called Akatsuki. In order to endure, they must adjust to their altered circumstances.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

DanMachi | Source: Official Website

J.C.Staff is the studio in charge of producing the content.

Despite his humble beginnings, Bell Cranel harbors a burning desire to become the greatest adventurer. His unwavering determination catches the attention of fate, leading him to cross paths with a powerful goddess named Hestia. This encounter presents Bell with the opportunity to take the first step towards achieving his dream.

Without delay, Bell embarks on his journey with Hestia to venture into the Dungeon, where the threat of death looms around every turn. Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious entity lurks in the shadows of the Dungeon.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

anime mages
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic | Source: Netflix

The studio responsible for creating the film is A-1 Pictures.

Magi are powerful magicians capable of altering the course of the world. Instead of directly ruling over the world, they appoint a representative to become the next king. Through conquering dungeons and harnessing the power of the Dungeon’s djinn, they gain the strength and authority to govern the world.

Aladdin, a youthful Magi, has embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Accompanying him is Ugo, his mentor and close friend who happens to be a djinn. This marks the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that you won’t want to miss.

Delicious in Dungeon

delicious in dungeon anime
Delicious in Dungeon | Source: Netflix

The studio responsible for the production is Trigger.

Despite losing his sister, Falin, to a red dragon during a dungeon raid, Laios remains determined to embark on another raid in the Dungeon. He hopes to rescue his sister before the red dragon begins digesting her.

However, Marcille and Chilchuck are the only ones who choose to stay at the party. With just three remaining members and a lack of funds, Laios would have been unable to undertake another dungeon raid. Fortunately, they encounter a skilled dwarf named Senshi who agrees to join their party and provide his exceptional cooking skills. This ultimately saves them from their predicament.

Final Thoughts:

To provide a balanced selection of dungeon anime, I have included some from the 90s in addition to the recent hits. This way, you won’t become bored with only watching modern takes on dungeon fiction. I hope you discover a few new anime to add to your watchlist and enjoy during your free time. And if you happen to have already seen all of these, which one do you consider to be the ultimate dungeon anime?

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