TikTok Star Arthur Hill’s Account Sold After Phone is Stolen

TikTok sensation Arthur Hill has alleged that his phone was stolen during a night out, and as a result, his account with over 1 million followers was later sold to an unknown party.

During the lockdown period, Arthur Hill became well-known on TikTok for his viral video “Pretending to be Voldermort at the dinner table!”in 2021. His initial post received more than 33 million views and he had accumulated over 1.5 million followers with his comedic content, until he lost access.

Although his TikTok account was reportedly taken, Arthur was still able to access all of his other social media accounts. This included his Instagram account, where he made an announcement on July 8 via his story.

“My phone was stolen on Saturday night and it appears that my TikTok account has been sold to a crypto scammer. This may mark the downfall of arthurhill69. If there is anyone who can assist, please come forward and rescue my life, career, and legacy,”he pleaded.

Arthur Hill posting an Instagram Story.
Instagram / arthurnfhill

Arthur Hill revealed the details in an Instagram Story on July 8.

Ever since his Instagram Story was posted, the TikTok star has refrained from making any additional posts regarding the incident, thus not providing any further updates.

Nevertheless, after conducting a brief TikTok search for Arthur Hill, it has been discovered that his account now goes by the username ‘anybuy100.’ Surprisingly, all of his videos are still accessible, although his profile picture and bio have been updated to read: “Anybuy business.”

Despite his TikTok being his main social platform, Arthur has still found success as a YouTuber, musician, and podcaster. These ventures have gained him millions of views and streams.

It is not uncommon for popular TikTokers and creators to have their phones stolen or their accounts hacked into. However, for Arthur, the unfortunate combination of both incidents occurring has made it an especially unlucky situation.

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