Fans can’t get over Geto’s original words to Gojo

Recently, it was discovered that Gege Akutami’s initial drafts of Jujutsu Kaisen contained different dialogue between Geto and Gojo, portraying a more tragic scene compared to the one depicted in the series.

Gojo and Geto’s bond is a standout aspect of Jujutsu Kaisen. They were once inseparable companions and unwavering allies, but their relationship suffered a rift after the tragic passing of Riko.

Despite their strong friendship, it ultimately came to a devastating end when Geto chose to leave Jujutsu High after committing a heinous act of killing an entire village of non-sorcerers for the sake of Nanako and Mimiko. Their final meeting took place in front of the KFC at Shibuya, marking the end of their relationship.

During their encounter, Geto asked Gojo the question that has become infamous, and it was finally answered in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 262 Part 2. Despite Gojo’s efforts to prevent it, Geto remained resolute in his path and departed.

As Geto was departing, Gojo made one final attempt to stop his friend, even if it meant killing him. However, in the end, Gojo couldn’t go through with it. Geto, on the other hand, was ready to face death and stated, “If you must kill me, then do so. It would serve a purpose.”

Although the line is already painful, Akutami’s initial intention was even more heart-wrenching. In the first draft of his manuscript, Geto’s exact words to Gojo were: “If you wish to end my life, do it. I would not object if it was by your hand. But please ensure that I am the only one you take.”

These lines provide further insight into Geto’s character and the bond he shared with Gojo. He did not fear dying at Gojo’s hand because of the deep respect and affection he held for him. However, he did not want Gojo to follow in his footsteps and become a killer, which is why he pleaded with him not to take another life.

Despite their separation, this illustrates the depth of Geto’s concern for Gojo. He refused to let his friend succumb to becoming a murderer, a testament to his ability to recognize the goodness in the most powerful sorcerer, a trait that few others possessed.

Once more, these two have left fans emotional. According to a comment from one X user, it seems that Gojo wants to catch up to the other character at the end, while the other character doesn’t want Gojo to follow in their footsteps.

“Geto had a low opinion of himself and didn’t want Gojo to become like him. This aligned with Gojo’s character, as he only chose to confront and defeat the higher-ups at the very end.”

“The third person wrote that Geto purposely told Gojo this in order to avoid facing the consequences upon his death, which is unfortunate.”

Despite the numerous tragedies depicted in Jujutsu Kaisen, the poignant bond between Gojo and Geto remains one of the most excellently crafted subplots in the series.

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