Tubi Drops the Wildest Movie Ever, and Fans Can’t Believe It’s Real

For a lot of people, Tubi has become a refreshing addition to the world of streaming platforms. What we didn’t realize is that it already offered the most outrageous movie ever, lovingly named Kung-Fu and Titties.

Upon reading the title, we can assume where your thoughts have wandered – and you’re not entirely wrong. As implied, there is a significant amount of “tit-punching”and women clad in only undergarments without apparent justification. Confusingly, our protagonist is also referred to as Richard Titties.

Titties is depicted as a physically unfit individual with minimal proficiency in martial arts. He is faced with the task of rescuing his girlfriend from the clutches of Zeefros, a villain obsessed with breasts. Interestingly, the girlfriend’s sister happens to be a gorilla.

Fans are in disbelief that Kung-Fu and Titties is now available on Tubi, a streaming service.

A Reddit user shared their thoughts on the movie by saying, “It’s no surprise that this movie is available on Tubi. I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement.”Another user chimed in, “You don’t even need to be under the influence of LSD to question your sanity while watching this movie. It will make you feel like you’re tripping without any drugs.”

A still from Kun-Fu and Titties
Joseph McConnell

Despite its stupidity, many viewers found that this movie never failed to entertain. While there may be an abundance of fart jokes and scenes set in a stable, the constantly evolving storyline and display of creativity kept things interesting.

The atmosphere also seems to be filled with positivity and it is infectious. Additionally, the production quality is consistently top-notch with clear focus and lighting, which adds to the overall experience.

Reddit users also voted the new movie as one of Tubi’s most outrageous films, with fans struggling to put into words what they witnessed as simply “something.”

After watching the brief trailer and reading the synopsis, it becomes apparent that Kung-Fu and Titties is a movie that must be seen to be fully comprehended. However, what is even more outrageous is that it is not the only film on Tubi with a similar storyline.

In addition, enthusiasts of horror movies have also discovered a collection of movies that can be streamed and all share a common opening scene of a woman being punched in the chest, such as The Kung-Fu Mummy, The Taint, and Thankskilling.

“One fan was shocked by the varying confident responses when discussing which movie they had seen, while another fan tried to recall and a third fan chimed in, questioning if this was a genre they were previously unaware of.”

Despite having 20,000 free titles, Tubi currently has no plans to introduce a sub-category in the near future. Nevertheless, this Netflix competitor may have found a successful strategy.

You can currently watch Kung-Fu and Titties on Tubi. Take a look at the top films of 2024 and television series available for streaming this month, as well as the greatest action movies ever made.

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