Zenless Zone Zero Jane Doe: Leaks & Updates

Jane Doe is an upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero, set to be released in a future update. Here’s everything we know so far, including her leaked element and gameplay details.

The vibrant world of Zenless Zone Zero is filled with a diverse cast of characters. Although many players are currently pulling on the Ellen banner, there are also those who are setting aside resources for upcoming units. Among these upcoming units, one particular character has captured the interest of the gacha game’s community: Jane Doe.

Jane Doe, also known as “mouse girl”, is an unreleased member of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team – a division within New Eridu. She gained recognition for her appearance in the ZZZ release trailer alongside Qingyi, Seth Lowell, and Zhu Yuan.

Therefore, this is the current information we have on Jane Doe and what you can anticipate from her banner debut.

Jane Doe details

Jane Doe with her team

Jane Does is a part of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team.

HoYoverse provided a sneak peek of Jane Doe in the ZZZ release trailer, showcasing the new character’s design and abilities. In the trailer, viewers caught a glimpse of Jane Doe using her lengthy tail to attack her adversaries.

Jane Doe’s mouse-like tail not only serves as a unique feature, but it also seems to be holding a dagger, implying its potential use in battle. This, coupled with her mouse ears and facial features, further solidifies her rodent-inspired appearance.

It should be noted that HoYoverse has not yet disclosed her name officially, and the name Jane Doe may only be temporary. We will continue to update this section as soon as any official information is made available.

Is There a Release Date for Jane Doe?

Hoyoverse has not yet announced an official release date for Jane Doe. However, leakers speculate that she will make her first appearance in the upcoming 1.1 update, along with Qingyi and Seth.

Jane Doe Element & Gameplay

Jane Doe using her tail to attack enemies

Jane Doe appears to be a highly mobile character.

It has been revealed through leaks from the Zenless Zone Zero community that Jane Doe is a highly ranked Physical Anomaly character. This suggests that she possesses the ability to inflict debilitating effects on her opponents. With this advantage, Jane Doe’s physical attacks will have a greater impact and greatly enhance her team’s damage output towards their target.

Famous leaker, Mero, has also revealed Jane Doe’s kit. Her Special Skill: Air Grab allows her to jump into the air and unleash a series of lethal kicks, inflicting continuous damage upon her adversaries.

Additionally, Jane Doe is capable of entering a state of Frenzy, during which her attack damage and crit rate are heightened for a set period of time.

Knowing about Jane Doe, you should consider saving your Polychromes for her banner release.

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