Tips for Creating a Trendy Room on TikTok: Explaining the Latest Viral Craze

TikTokers are participating in a trend where they showcase their rooms in a ‘cool girl’ style, inspired by a viral video. Viewers are highly entertained by the creators’ room surfing performances.

In the month of February, TikToker Ellen Harrold entertained 18 million viewers with her “hilarious”video where she gave her friend a tour of her bedroom.

The caption she wrote, “Showing him your room as a cool girl,”eventually sparked the TikTok trend ‘show your room off like a cool girl.’

During her video, Ellen highlighted the hanging framed image and then proceeded to demonstrate her technique for landing on her surfboard, which was leaning against the wall. She accomplished this by jumping sideways and shifting her body weight onto her bed.

As she continued to move her body in the proper surfing motions, she managed to make the person behind the camera burst into laughter.


showing him your room as a cool girl

♬ original sound – ellen harrold

It took several months for TikTokers to replicate the viral video, but there have been countless versions of the clip since June.

After watching the viral video, TikToker ‘grincesslera’ shared her own version, using pictures on her wall and her couch as props while balancing on a surfboard with her feet. Her TikTok gained a massive 46M views, making it go viral as well.

@grincesslera 🌊🏄‍♀️#grincesslera ♬ original sound – ellen harrold

Christina Bell, a popular TikToker, joined in on the ‘show your room off like a cool girl’ trend and gained 120M views, as well as a comment from Google expressing their interest in surfing tutorials.

@christinabell_ So nonchalant #surfer #coolgirl ♬ original sound – ellen harrold

Another viral trend that has gained millions of renditions this summer on TikTok is the ‘match my freak’ challenge, in addition to the popular ‘show your room off like a cool girl’ trend.

Despite its focus on highlighting the strange habits of TikTokers, users are still able to find a sense of connection and relatability with others who share their quirks.

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