TikTok applauds stranger for randomly criticizing New Yorker’s outfit

Following a stranger’s criticism of her ‘mismatched’ outfit, a New Yorker turned to TikTok for support, but was met with a surprising response from the internet.

Steph, also known as ‘step_by__steph’ on the social media platform TikTok, was shocked by a peculiar encounter while walking in New York City.

As Steph strolled through the bustling city, casually sipping on her Starbucks coffee, she was unexpectedly approached by a stranger in the middle of the street who had some opinions about her outfit.

Initially thinking the unexpected remarks were meant to be a joke, Steph later recalled how the man had bluntly stated, “I have to tell you, your shoes and outfit don’t match.”


😅what just happened?? strange nyc encounters…..i think it was the staring contest #newyork #nyc #whatthehell #hellskitchen #outfitcheck

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Unsure of how to react, Steph laughed and inquired about the man’s intentions – only to have him reiterate his previous remarks: “He’s insisting, ‘I’m serious. Your shoes are too formal and your dress is too informal.”

The duo then remained in a state of “total silence”for a while before Steph inquired why the stranger was speaking to her. In response, the self-proclaimed fashion critic stated that he simply enjoyed offering advice from time to time.

Following yet another intense “staring contest”, the man eventually departed, leaving Steph with a sense of unease. Despite this, she proceeded to showcase the outfit in question to her audience. The ensemble consisted of a light and airy white dress with delicate spaghetti straps, paired with bold black platform loafers featuring a decorative chain. To complete the look, she also carried a matching handbag.

Although they found the outfit to be “cute”, viewers wasted no time in turning to Steph’s comment section to commend the stranger’s fashion sense, with some even dubbing them the “fashion police.”

“According to one individual, an angel was sent to you from heaven. Others likened the unfamiliar person to renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo, with one playfully remarking, “That must be Jamie Shoe, Jimmy Choo’s brother. We should definitely take his advice.”


boy did this blow up. hi guys, responses to comments are coming very soon in a very interesting way 😉 anyway show me your fits! let’s make it a trend #stitch #outfitcheck #nyc #newyork #response #fitcheck #unmatched #dowhatyouwant #youdoyou #OOTD #trend

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After the initial video went viral and received numerous comments in favor of the unknown person’s unsolicited criticism, Steph uploaded a second TikTok in which she pretended to dispose of the shoes.

At the final moment, Steph admitted she had no plans to do so, expressing her love for New York City and its freedom to be oneself. She also encouraged viewers to embrace their unique style by showcasing their own mismatched outfits.

Despite some people supporting the stranger’s opinion that the fit was not favorable, others voiced their approval by saying they could “see the vision”and encouraged Steph to “wear whatever you like.”

Upon reflection, it became apparent that Steph was not the sole recipient of unexpected remarks about her attire while navigating the busy city streets. In fact, one observer recounted a similar experience, stating: “I was donning a lengthy blue maxi dress when a homeless man in Los Angeles complimented me on my hospital gown.”

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