Understanding the TikTok ‘my favorite animal’ trend

The TikTok trend known as ‘my favorite animal’ involves users sharing the one thing that brings out their wild side. Find out more about this trend and how you can participate.

The ‘my favorite animal’ trend on TikTok started gaining popularity in June and has since accumulated over 32 million related posts.

TikTokers participate in the viral trend by sharing a photo with a text overlay that states “My favorite animal is…” They then complete the sentence by revealing the one thing that ignites their adventurous nature.

As an example, a number of TikTokers expressed that they resort to invoking their “favorite animal”when someone disrespects their loved one.

The viral TikToks also feature the sound of Iggy Azalea’s song ‘Work’ playing in the background.

The popular TikToker, ‘notmilkcartin’, joined in on the trend and shared her favorite animal as “me when I lose respect for someone.”

my fav animal trend on tiktok
TikTok: notmilkcartin

TikToker insinuates that her wild side comes out when she loses respect for someone.

After her TikTok went viral, viewers praised her relatability and commented that the trend was extremely simple to follow.

The TikToker known as ‘janevvvcollins’ revealed that their favorite animal is themselves after receiving their paycheck. In a post, they shared a picture of themselves enjoying a luxurious drink at a restaurant.

It was widely acknowledged that the issue affected many individuals, as they frequently tend to use their funds immediately.

‘Strawberrysupremeon’, another TikToker, also participated in the trend by sharing her favorite animal, which she described as “us when we’re together.”Along with her statement, she included a photo of her and a loved one.

my favorite animal TikTok trend
TikTok: strawberrysupremeon

When this TikToker teams up with her bestie, her wild side comes out full force.

Another popular trend to go viral on TikTok this summer, in addition to ‘My favorite animal’, is the ‘match my freak’ trend. This involves users sharing a unique aspect of themselves in the hopes of finding common ground with others.

The trend of showcasing one’s room like a stylish girl on TikTok has also garnered a large number of views on the platform. While the initial video was posted in February, it has been recreated by users and quickly gained popularity.

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