Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2 episode 14 release date, where to watch, and more

The release date for episode 14 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2, titled I’m Not a Fan of High Society, has been set for Monday, April 8, 2024. In the meantime, viewers were able to watch episode 13, The Very Busy Academy Festival, on Monday, April 1, 2024.

The most recent episode concludes the summer break at Rotsgard Academy and showcases the experiences of the main character Misumi Makoto and his companions at the Rotsgard Summer Festival. In this episode, Makoto forms relationships with the temple and survives yet another assassination attempt.

The episode that is yet to come is expected to feature the academy festival and the arrival of nobles from various nations to partake in the festivities.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2: All We Know So Far

Fans can expect the release of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2 episode 14 on Monday, April 8, 2024, at 11 pm JST. International viewers will have access to the subtitled English version on the same day, and the episode will also be available on streaming platforms one hour after its television broadcast.

The schedule for the anime’s release in various regions around the world is as follows:

Time Zones Date Time
Pacific Standard Time Monday, April 8 6:00 AM
Central Standard Time Monday, April 8 8:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time Monday, April 8 9:00 AM
Greenwich Mean Time Monday, April 8 2:00 PM
Central European Time Monday, April 8 3:00 PM
Indian Standard Time Monday, April 8 7:30 PM
Philippines Standard Time Monday, April 8 10:00 PM
Australian Central Standard Time Monday, April 8 11:30 PM

Where to Watch the Latest Episode of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2

Season 2 episode 14 release date as per the anime's official X account (Image via X)
Season 2 episode 14 release date as per the anime’s official X account (Image via X)

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy is currently being broadcasted on Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS NTV in Japan. However, for fans outside of Asia, Crunchyroll is the platform to watch the anime. This means that viewers in North and Central America, as well as other regions around the world, can catch the upcoming episode 14 on Crunchyroll.

Medialink has been tasked with broadcasting the Winter 2024 anime in South and Southeast Asia. Viewers in these areas can tune in to Medialink’s YouTube channel, Ani-One, to watch the 14th episode of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that only Ani-One Ultra members have access to this isekai anime.

What happened in the finale of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2?

Makoto in episode 13 (Image via J.C.Staff)
Makoto in episode 13 (Image via J.C.Staff)

In episode 13 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2, the story continues after the summer break and begins with the academy festival. The episode focuses on the preparations for the week-long festival, during which the main character, Misumi Makoto, becomes involved with the temple and its members. He interacts with the bishop and priests and even strikes a deal with them.

Despite the temple’s initial intentions, their true motives are eventually uncovered. They sought to explore Makoto’s mind and mana in order to assess his power and duplicate his creations. However, Makoto successfully thwarts all of their efforts, causing the temple to recognize his true strength. Although taken aback by this realization, the bishop acknowledges Makoto’s potential as a valuable resource for the future.

Following this, the episode features an attack on Makoto by the Assassins’ Guild, which she effortlessly handles. Furthermore, it unveils important details about resolving the demi-plane’s weather issues.

The story then shifts focus to the academy festival, where everyone is depicted as having a great time. However, the final scenes reveal a meeting between officials from Laurel and Limia, suggesting the possibility of growing tension between the two nations.

What Could Happen in the Potential Season 2 Finale of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy?

It is anticipated that the 14th episode of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2 will center around the academy festival and a meeting of representatives from different countries. Makoto, together with his students and esteemed guests such as Patrick Rembrandt and Lily Gritonia, will be in attendance.

The ongoing developments suggest possible conflicts among nations at this gathering. Moreover, Tomoe’s plan to alleviate the weather conditions of the demi-plane by creating a mist gate in a demon-controlled region foreshadows intriguing developments in the upcoming storyline.

The cast for the English dub of Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- has been announced.

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