What is G3T HIGH mode in MW3? Parkour map leaked

Dataminers for MW3 have recently discovered a new mode called ‘G3T HIGH’ which draws inspiration from Only Up and is anticipated to make its debut in Season 3. With that said, here is everything we currently know about this parkour map.

Despite the addition of new playlists such as Minefield and Escort, as well as the return of fan favorites like Capture the Flag, Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 is also introducing an unannounced parkour mode, G3T HIGH, which was discovered by dataminers shortly after the update was released.

Thus, this is all the information we currently have regarding G3T High mode in Modern Warfare 3.

Understanding the HIGH mode in MW3 G3T

The recently introduced G3T HIGH mode in MW3 is a challenging platforming experience that requires players to reach the highest point of the map. This mode was inspired by the popular PC game Only Up, which gained viral success in 2023, as seen in leaked footage from ‘BobNetworkUK’.

If it follows the same structure as the title that served as its inspiration, it is expected to be a lengthy map without any checkpoints. It will showcase progressively challenging parkour obstacles, such as moving platforms and rotating walkways.

It is anticipated that fall damage will not be enabled, however, failing to make a jump or colliding with an obstacle will lead to a significant setback. This is because you will be forced to return to the starting point, unless you are fortunate enough to be saved by another section of the track.

By being intentionally challenging and infamously difficult to conquer, Only Up achieved instant success. Players must complete the entire game in one try or restart if they fail.

The leaked footage also reveals several targets scattered throughout the course that can be potentially shot at, although it remains uncertain if these provide any extra advantages or skills, or if they merely serve as an extra test for players.

When is MW3 G3T High releasing?

At the moment, an official release date for MW3 G3T HIGH has not been announced. However, given its 420-inspired nature, it is likely to be released around April 20. The developers have also revealed that the Blaze Up event will occur later in Season 3, leading us to believe that the mode will be a limited-time feature exclusive to that event.

It is important to bear in mind that all of this information is currently based on leaked footage and has not yet been officially confirmed by the developers. As soon as they make any announcements, we will update this page with further details about MW3 G3T HIGH.

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