TWICE Nayeon Faces Backlash for ‘Shocking’ Waterbomb Appearance

After her performance at the 2024 Waterbomb Festival, TWICE’s Nayeon has become the target of numerous malicious comments. On July 7, a post titled “Nayeon’s Waterbomb Figure”went viral, garnering over 105,000 views at the time of this writing.

A netizen’s viral post featured multiple photos of Nayeon at the festival, along with a sarcastic remark stating their satisfaction with her appearance but disappointment with her outfit.

The post caused a flurry of responses from internet users. Some comments honed in on Nayeon’s physical appearance, with a handful of individuals condemning her for purportedly gaining weight.

TWICE Nayeon
TWICE Nayeon(Photo : pann.nate)

The comments on the post were diverse in nature:

  • “Her outfit doesn’t fit her. She wore something too small.”
  • “I’m at a loss for words seeing people criticize her weight and not her outfit. Being an idol is really hard.”
  • “I see that people are still attacking Nayeon… Must be hard being TWICE’s center.”
  • “You guys are all jealous, LOL.”
  • “You guys are so corny for attacking an idol who finished promoting last week.”
  • “She looks like she needs to do some exercise.”
  • “She’s cute.”
  • “She seems like she has gained some weight since she’s stopped promoting. It would have been better if she lost some weight before performing… Still, she looks healthy!”

Despite facing criticism, Nayeon’s devoted fans swiftly stepped in to support her. They emphasized the challenges and hardships of being an idol, particularly under public scrutiny.

TWICE Nayeon
TWICE Nayeon(Photo : pann.nate)

Dancing is Nayeon’s main source of cardio, as idols typically dedicate at least two hours a day to practice. In addition, she regularly incorporates pilates sessions into her routine to enhance muscle strength, flexibility, and body tone.

Nayeon credits Pilates for aiding in her back strength and preventing injuries. While she does not strictly restrict her diet, she prioritizes moderation, indicating that JYP Entertainment allows room for flexibility in her food choices.

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