Uncovering the Hidden Perk that Makes the Destiny 2 Raid Exotic Even Better

Destiny 2 players recently uncovered a hidden perk on a well-known Raid Exotic that was first introduced in The Final Shape.

The headline Exotic drop from Salvation’s Edge, known as Euphony, is a Linear Fusion Rifle that possesses unique features that make it distinct. It is a Kinetic weapon that utilizes Special ammo, setting it apart from most LFRs as it is equipped in the top slot instead of the Power slot.

On Reddit, a user brought up the unusual discovery that the gun Euphony has a seventh perk that is not documented. This hidden perk, known as Hatchling, produces a Threadling with every precision kill.

“Furthermore, they added, “This is in addition to the Unwound perk, which specifies the generation of Threadlings upon sustained damage. These two perks complement each other, so if your sustained damage culminates in a precise final blow, you will produce an extra Threadling compared to the usual amount.”

To provide context, the complete list of benefits for Euphony is listed below, excluding Threadling:

  • Arrowhead Brake – +21 Recoil, +10 Handling
  • Particle Repeater +10 Stability
  • Dealing sustained damage with this weapon while unwound will result in the spawning of Threadlings at your target’s location.
  • Threadling damage increases the damage of this weapon’s spindle.
  • Short-Action Stock – +15 Handling

Euphony has a hidden perk byu/RussianThere inDestinyTheGame

“One response exclaimed, “Wow, that’s massive! I never noticed that before! I have to go test it out again.”Another user had previously suspected the presence of Hatchling, stating, “I had a feeling it had a secret benefit when it produced four Threadlings from a single kill on a red bar.”

Despite being effective for all types of builds, Euphony has been particularly advantageous for Warlocks who can take advantage of Threadling synergy more than Hunters or Titans in Strand.

The addition of Hatchling alters the gameplay loop for current users of the weapon, requiring them to focus on precision kills whenever possible. Although both rapid and precision final blows activate the perk, Euphony’s classification as an LFR means that prioritizing precision shots will result in higher damage output.

If you have not been lucky enough to receive Salvation’s Edge’s rarest drop, there are still many other options available for Strand builds and the overall meta. Are you tired of using The Call?

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