Ufotable is on a slippery slope with Demon Slayer movies (& it becomes clearer every year)

After the debut of the To the Hashira Training film, the Demon Slayer movies have become a popular subject of discussion among fans. While the anime series has established a distinct style of films, some fans appear dissatisfied with the outcome.

Despite initial concerns from fans about the consistency of animation quality, Ufotable proved itself as a reputable animation studio with the release of the first season. This was further solidified by their exceptional work and exceeding expectations in their animation of the third season.

Regarding the recent Demon Slayer movies, there has been a decrease in the studio’s reputation. Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the studio and are concerned about a potential continuation of this trend.

Demon Slayer movies fail to meet fan expectations at the box office

Key visual from the recent Demon Slayer movie (Image via Ufotable)
Key visual from the recent Demon Slayer movie (Image via Ufotable)

Despite the popularity of the recent Demon Slayer movies, they have received criticism for lack of original content. A prime example is To the Hashira Training, which disappointed many fans as it mainly consisted of two consecutive episodes from the Swordsmith Village arc and a preview of the upcoming season’s first episode. This lack of fresh material has been a major issue for these movies.

Viewers are willingly paying to watch the initial episode of the upcoming season, which has a duration of only one hour. The theatrical version offers nothing particularly noteworthy either. The animation studio had the opportunity to incorporate some anime-original scenes that strayed from the main plotline.

In this manner, the Demon Slayer movies would provide viewers with a reason to watch the film. Viewers recognize that this is simply a tactic for Ufotable to profit from the release of the Demon Slayer movies in this format. Fans are disappointed as Ufotable had previously maintained a positive relationship with the fanbase, but this has deteriorated following the release of the recent Demon Slayer movies.

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Nevertheless, this issue can be resolved if Ufotable takes responsibility. The upcoming season will include the Hashira Training arc, which is relatively short. Subsequently, the Infinity Castle arc and the Sunrise Countdown arc will also be adapted, with each arc providing sufficient material for a full season. In light of this, Ufotable has the option to either abandon the film format or incorporate original anime scenes as a bridge between story arcs.

Fans who attend the theaters can anticipate new and unique content, making the first episode of the next season highly anticipated. However, the one-hour special has lost its appeal as it covers content that has already been shown in the film. To regain their connection with fans, the studio should consider animating the action-packed Infinity Castle arc.

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