Underwhelming Warzone AR becomes meta SMG with rapid TTK after buff

This build for the Warzone Assault Rifle transforms one of Call of Duty’s most renowned meta weapons into a fast time-to-kill SMG setup.

Warzone features numerous legendary weapons from the Call of Duty series. Some notable examples include the Kar98k, M16, and BAL-27, all of which have had their moments of glory. The BAL-27, in particular, was the most sought-after Assault Rifle in Advanced Warfare, renowned for its high fire rate and time-to-kill in multiplayer matches.

Although the BAL-27 didn’t have a significant impact when it was first introduced in Warzone Season 3, the recent buff in the Season 4 patch could potentially change that.

The damage range and limb multipliers of the BAL-27 have been increased to enhance its overall performance. While this AR has become more reliable, we suggest utilizing it for close range combat, as it excels when configured as a SMG/Sniper support.

Attachments like the Crown-H3 Barrel, FTAC MSP-98 Handstop, and Clarent Light Stock can significantly enhance the BAL-27’s agility and handling, giving it a more SMG-like feel in Warzone.

TheKoreanSavage, a well-known content creator for the popular game Warzone, shares the same opinion. In his video posted on June 4, he also emphasized the effectiveness of the BAL-27. According to the Warzone specialist, using the BAL-27 as if it were an SMG can result in great success, particularly on smaller maps like Rebirth Island.

To improve recoil control, TheKoreanSavage chooses the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider due to the high fire rate which can be challenging to manage in mid-range gunfights.

The 60 Round Mag is crucial for this weapon as its fire rate progressively rises, making it ideal for engaging multiple enemies in rapid succession. With this setup, you’ll have the ability to mow down foes at close and medium distances, as long as you can manage the recoil.

Since this BAL-27 build is designed for close-range combat, it is recommended to combine it with a long-range weapon like the Holger 26. This gun is expected to replace the DG-58 LSW following its nerfs on June 4.

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