Valorant Pro Continues Competing Despite Cancer Diagnosis: I Got Cancer and I’m Still Sh**ing on Kids

Experienced Valorant professional player Matthew ‘Wedid’ Suchan shared his cancer diagnosis on social media and confirmed that he still intends to participate in competitions.

Ever since the beginning of the esport, Wedid has been a prominent figure in the Valorant pro scene. He first gained recognition while playing for XSET and NRG Esports, and has continued to compete in the tier-two North American circuit since 2023.

The Canadian player has built up a respectable fan base on social media and represents the unsigned team, Turtle Troop, in the NA Valorant Challengers League.

On June 6, it was disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and he attributed his coughing during matches to the cancer.

“Today, I underwent a neck biopsy and received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While it is concerning, there is still more testing to be done in order to fully understand the situation,”he shared on social media, according to a post on

Despite the grim diagnosis, Wedid remains optimistic about his future and plans to learn more about his status in the coming weeks.

“Despite having cancer, he declared, “I am still dominating over kids.”

Valorant Agent silhouettes with the Squirtle Squad logo in the middle
Riot Games/ Squirtle Squad

Turtle Troop was formerly known as Squirtle Squad.

The professional player has been inundated with an immense amount of backing from his peers and the Valorant community after disclosing his current health condition.

In response, Derrek ‘Derrek’ Ha, a player for Evil Geniuses, expressed his best wishes for my friend.

Some also referred to Wedid’s comical P.S. comment.

Valorant content creator Chris ‘Flexinja’ Irvine expressed his support for Matt, who shared that he was battling cancer and still continuing to succeed in his endeavors. Flexinja wished the best for Matt and encouraged him to stay positive.

The NA Challengers League is currently in its second split, with Wedid’s team leading Group B with a record of 2-0. The league is set to run until July and will conclude with a playoff bracket, offering teams the opportunity to compete for Valorant Ascension and a chance to qualify for VCT Americas.

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