Catfish Fans React to Season 9 Star’s Plan to Promote Controversial Food Business

Fans of Catfish were left stunned by a woman’s attempt to use her relationship with the man she deceived to promote her food business.

Fans are buzzing about Christian’s love interest, Chantel, and her plan to use the platform of MTV’s Catfish Season 9, Episode 5 to promote her food business.

Following their initial meeting on a dating app, the two communicated through FaceTime and live streams, eventually developing a strong romantic connection.

Christian mentioned in his initial email to Nev Schulman and co-host Kamie Crawford that upon first seeing her, he immediately recognized her as someone special. He also noted that she possessed a unique coolness, as she was skilled in cooking.

Despite Chantel’s reluctance to reveal her face while interacting with Christian or broadcasting to her audience, he claimed that she had a positive impact on his emotions, prompting him to search for her on Catfish.

During their journey to finally meet Chantel, Nev and Kamie discovered photos of the delicious dishes she prepares, such as linguine with blackened shrimp and many other tasty recipes.

Despite allegedly shipping food to other friends of hers, Christian had never received any photos of her elaborate plates or been delivered anything.

Therefore, Nev texted Chantel and requested to meet up. Initially, she declined, but later on, she agreed to meet them if they could contribute $75 to support her food business.

Nev, Kamie, and Christian traveled to Detroit, Michigan to see her.

Eventually, Mikayah eventually confessed to deceiving Christian through catfishing. After the show, fans on Reddit expressed their disappointment and criticism towards Mikayah for using him to promote her food business. One fan questioned, “So she used someone else’s photos to promote her plate business?”

Despite repeatedly falling asleep on the phone with Nev and claiming to love Christian, she eventually confessed to him that her only intention was to create a promo. This revelation surprised fans who were under the impression that she genuinely wanted to pursue a relationship with Christian.

One fan suggested that Mikayah enroll in culinary school if she truly wanted to pursue cooking. They also commented on her numerous lies, stating that it made her appear disorganized and chaotic.

After Christian and Mikayah’s initial meeting, she persisted in constantly contacting him. However, he eventually blocked her and they have not spoken since. Mikayah also stated that she no longer utilizes her fake page to advertise her business.

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