Wind Breaker: Umemiya’s Explanation and Sakura’s Goals (Episode 10)

After the Bofurin versus Shishitoren tournament came to an end, fans were eager to discover what Wind Breaker episode 10 would cover in the aftermath. The episode was officially released on Thursday, June 6, 2024, providing fans with some answers in the short-term. However, it remains unclear what the remaining episodes of the first season will address.

Despite this, Wind Breaker episode 10 remains a satisfying end to the Shishitoren versus Bofurin arc, providing closure for the arc and its main characters. The series also manages to focus on Haruka Sakura’s journey, making his recovery from this event one of the most significant moments.

Sakura’s Realization in Episode 10 of Wind Breaker: Understanding the Meaning of Being Furin’s Number One

Episode Recap

Wind Breaker episode 10 sees Umemiya continue to show why he's Furin's number one in its opening sequences (Image via CloverWorks)
Wind Breaker episode 10 sees Umemiya continue to show why he’s Furin’s number one in its opening sequences (Image via CloverWorks)

The tenth installment of Wind Breaker saw Hajime Umemiya clearing out the theater as the defeated members of Shishitoren regained consciousness and became aware of their defeat. He then inquired with Jo Togame and Choji Tomiyama about the availability of nearby takeout options for their post-event celebration, much to Haruka Sakura’s irritation.

Umemiya and his companions continued to eat, causing surprise among the other members of Bofurin who were present. Sakura was curious about how Umemiya could share a meal with someone he had just fought, and how he could refer to his altercation with Tomiyama as a fight. Umemiya then turned to Togame and inquired why he was not eating. Togame humbly apologized, taking responsibility for the entire situation and the current state of Shishitoren.

In episode 10 of Wind Breaker, Tomiyama attempted to take responsibility for the situation, but ended up bowing his head in apology alongside Togame. Umemiya then asked Sakura for his decision, prompting Sakura to advise Togame to become a more impressive and mature person by stopping his foolish behavior. In other words, Sakura simply wanted to see Togame’s personal growth and transformation.

Choji continues to learn from Umemiya as Wind Breaker episode 10 reaches its midpoint (Image via CloverWorks)
Choji continues to learn from Umemiya as Wind Breaker episode 10 reaches its midpoint (Image via CloverWorks)

Tomiyama questioned Umemiya about why he finds so much enjoyment while being at the peak of Bofurin. In response, Umemiya revealed his love for food, stating that he thoroughly enjoys the social aspect and festivities that accompany a meal. He explained that it allows him to escape from any negative aspects of his life, which is the reason for his current joy, rather than his position at the top.

In episode 10 of Wind Breaker, Tomiyama is able to relate to this and relate it to his own personal experiences and recent lessons. Umemiya explains that it’s not necessary to be grateful for breathing oxygen, implying that Choji shouldn’t feel discouraged for not recognizing the value of what he had. Choji then questions why Umemiya became the top despite understanding this, and Umemiya responds by saying that he wants to ensure the happiness, health, and safety of those around him, and being in the top position allows him to do so.

Sakura and the others are struck by this sentiment shared by Umemiya, as he expresses his gratitude for being pushed to strive for the top spot. Choji compliments Umemiya for his impressive achievement, but Umemiya humbly acknowledges that reaching the top cannot be done alone, which deeply resonates with Sakura.

In episode 10 of Wind Breaker, Umemiya concludes by acknowledging that the wishes of those who aided him now rest on his shoulders. He vows to never falter in his determination, just like how his supporters never gave up on him. As he gazes at Sakura, who is visibly amazed and at a loss for words, Choji is also moved by his declaration, remarking that it’s no surprise Umemiya’s fists are so weightless.

At the end of the day, the two groups separate, and Choji admits to Togame that he knows an apology cannot undo his actions, but he is unsure of how else to make amends. Togame fully supports his decision to involve everyone in Shishitoren. They both agree to work together to find a solution as they enjoy a snack given to them by Umemiya before parting ways.

In episode 10 of Wind Breaker, the Bofurin boys returned to Kotoha Tachibana’s cafe. After hearing about their successful handling of the situation, the middle schooler shed tears of gratitude. She then asked about everyone’s well-being, and Sakura reflected on her words and Umemiya’s recent statements. The rest of the group noticed something was troubling Sakura, causing him to attempt to leave when Nirei inquired about it. However, Umemiya intervened and forced Sakura into a booth.

Umemiya inquired about Sakura’s conversation with Togame and suggested that he had grown to like her based on the punch he went to give Tomiyama. Despite Sakura’s initial denial, Umemiya laughed and clarified that he had misunderstood. Ultimately, this confirmed that Sakura did indeed have a conversation with Togame.

During episode 10 of Wind Breaker, Sakura inquired about the significance, to which Umemiya responded that it brings him joy. He went on to clarify that he became interested upon hearing about visitors from outside the town, but has since realized that Sakura is a decent person. Sakura then questioned Umemiya on how he is able to accept things with such ease, particularly the kindness shown by Furin. Umemiya was reminded by Sakura that his goal is to become the top performer, but he confessed that he could never achieve it in the way he had envisioned.

Akihiko Nirei’s actions gave Umemiya a newfound perspective. He had previously bemoaned the fact that he would always rely on others and never reach the top spot because of it. However, Nirei’s words revealed that Sakura’s compassion had allowed him to open up and accept the support of others. Umemiya also shared the “conditions”for a conversation through fists, which made Sakura realize how much he had grown in a short period of time.

In episode 10 of Wind Breaker, the group reacted with amusement as Sakura blushed in response to his declaration of reaching the top, which would have resulted in Umemiya’s defeat. This caused Sugishita to instigate a conflict with Sakura, but the others intervened to prevent a fight. The episode concluded with Tachibana ordering them to settle their dispute outside.

In Review

A noteworthy praise for the latest episode of the series is how it effectively wraps up the overall arc and the individual storylines of key characters. Choji Tomiyama, Jo Togame, Hajime Umemiya, and Haruka Sakura have all been developed into well-rounded characters (especially for only being in season one) and their initial arcs were concluded in an exceptional manner.

Sakura’s appearance in episode 10 of Wind Breaker is particularly thrilling, as it stays true to the series’ ability to multitask and showcases its potential. If the series continues to successfully execute such moments, fans can anticipate captivating characters and storylines for many seasons to come.

In summation

Despite not setting up any plot developments for the next episode, Wind Breaker episode 10 still provides insight into what can be expected in the future. After a series of intense episodes in the middle of the season, the premiere of the Wind Breaker anime will likely shift its focus to the mundane daily routines at Furin High.

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