Warzone players outraged as visibility issues persist

Call of Duty Warzone players continue to express frustration over the lack of visibility for many character skins in-game, prompting renewed appeals to the developers to address the game’s persistent lighting and visibility problems.

In recent years, Warzone has faced numerous complaints regarding visibility issues. At one point, the sun glare in Verdansk was so intense that aiming in its direction rendered players unable to see anything.

Additionally, there have been instances of hidden character skins appearing. The issues caused by the Raze, 100 Thieves, and satanic Groot skins will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Upon the release of Season 4 Reloaded, a Redditor with the username KeyPineapple61 brought attention to a recurring issue. They experienced difficulty during a recent gunfight due to the inability to see an enemy who was positioned in a doorway.

“The speaker remarked that they had experienced some of the worst visibility in a FPS game. They expressed their frustration by saying that as soon as they were shot, the enemy disappeared and there was absolutely no visibility.”

According to one player, “I have decent vision, but I can never see anything in this game.”Others chimed in, stating that certain areas on Rebirth make it impossible to see anything from the outside looking in. Another player added, “This game is incredibly blurry.”

Some of the worst visibility iv ever seen in a fps game Jesus Christ byu/KeyPineapple61 inCODWarzone

Despite some players advocating for the removal of darkened skins that could easily blend into unlit areas, others are in favor of implementing a similar approach used by competing battle royale games.

According to one person, Apex has mastered visibility. They claim to have played over 500 hours on Apex without encountering any issues. Another person added that providing players with a light outline is all it takes to ensure good visibility. However, someone else stated that in their opinion, Fortnite handles visibility better.

It has been acknowledged that this is a longstanding problem, so it is hoped that there will be a turnaround in the future.

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