What does Underdog mean in Brawl Stars?

Being an Underdog in Brawl Stars gives you the opportunity to reap greater rewards from victories, and here is everything you need to know about this special status.

The Brawl Stars Ragnarok season is currently underway and while playing ranked matches, you may encounter the Underdog status. While this may seem daunting at first, it actually offers several benefits that can help you advance in your ranked progress.

If you have already chosen the top Brawlers to form the ideal team, here is the definition of Underdog in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Brawlers

You’ll never lose progress as an Underdog in Brawl Stars.

Underdog in Brawl Stars

If your trophy count or your team’s total trophy count is significantly lower than that of your teammates or the opposing team in Brawl Stars, you are considered an Underdog. The specific conditions that result in the Underdog status in Brawl Stars are outlined below:

  • When you are paired with two players that are teamed up and the difference between their Brawler Trophies is equal to or larger than 150.
  • In a team of 3, if you are put against an opponent team whose average Brawler Trophies exceed yours by 150 or more.
  • The Underdog status is only applicable in 3v3 modes, regardless of them being ranked or not.

Underdog method

One reason why Brawl Stars incorporated the Underdog system can be better understood through this example:

  • If you (800 trophies) and your friend (300 trophies) want to play together, the lobby you’ll be placed in will be based on your trophy count, which is 800 in this case. If a third player (500 trophies) joins your team, the matchmaking is clearly unfair towards them and in such a setting, the game will make the third player with 500 trophies an Underdog.
Brawl Stars Underdog getting trophies after losing.

Underdog saves you from losing progress due to mismatched lobbies.

The Impact of Underdog on Trophies in Brawl Stars

If you play as an Underdog in Brawl Stars, you will see differences in the amount of Trophies awarded at the end of a match.

  • If you win a match, you get up to four more trophies than what you would’ve received usually.
  • If you draw a match, you get up to four more trophies than usual.
  • Losing a match ensures that you won’t lose any trophies. Interestingly, if your performance is good enough, you might end up winning a couple of trophies even after losing.

How to Unlock Underdog in Brawl Stars

To increase your chances of being placed in an Underdog match in Brawl Stars, consider teaming up with allies who have a lower trophy count as there is no guaranteed method to obtain Underdog status.

Despite this, if you choose to ‘Play Again’ following an Underdog match, the effect will be removed from both you and your team. This measure is in place to prevent players from taking advantage of the mechanic during ranked matches.

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