Who is Mellstroy? Russian streamer takes over TikTok

Controversial streamer Mellstroy, known for his content on Kick, has been expanding his reach to other platforms, including TikTok. But who is this influencer exactly?

Mellstroy, known online as Andrey Burim, is a 25-year-old streamer who started creating content in 2015 after deciding to leave college.

Burim first gained recognition in his hometown of Gomel, Belarus before relocating to Moscow in 2019. He became known for his controversial “trash streams,”a popular trend in Russia that challenged both legal and moral boundaries.

The concept’s main objective is to have a good time with friends while completing challenges and dares in exchange for donations. However, this can sometimes result in hazardous outcomes.

Therefore, who exactly is Burim and to what extent have his garbage streams influenced the Russian realm of content creation, particularly in relation to Belarus?

Mellstroy and his controversies explained

In 2017, Burim’s involvement in Counterstrike streams led to his first encounter with the law when he asked underage girls to perform unconventional tasks.

Despite his persistence, he faced consequences in 2020. During one of his YouTube live streams, Burim violently assaulted model Alena Efremova, causing her to suffer a broken jaw and other facial injuries.

Despite not showing any remorse, Burim was eventually sued and found guilty of “an infliction of beatings crime.”As a result, he was sentenced to six months of corrective labor and was ordered to pay damages. Following this, YouTube permanently banned Burim, causing him to continue his violent behavior on Kick instead.

Despite losing a significant portion of his audience after the incident, Burim actively worked towards rebuilding his online presence. This involved him donating generous amounts of money to fellow streamers on the condition that they completed various tasks, such as shaving their heads or showing their bodies on camera.

In 2024, Burim elevated his actions by offering monetary rewards to his audience. On June 1, as Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid geared up for the Champions League final, Burim strategized a pitch invasion.

The content creator put up a staggering $350,000 as a reward for any of his fans who could make it onto the field first – an unlawful dare that numerous people were eager to accept.

As the match began, spectators wearing “Mellstroy”printed shirts caused a disruption only 30 seconds into the game, resulting in a delay. Ultimately, authorities made 53 arrests, but it is still unknown if Burim ever fulfilled his payment.

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