Lisa’s Highly Anticipated Solo Comeback; 1st TikTok Reaches 1 Million Views in Just 30 Minutes

After Rosé, Lisa has also joined BLACKPINK in creating her own TikTok channel, making her the second member to do so. Despite starting with no videos or followers, the group’s youngest member already had a verified blue tick, generating excitement on the internet.

On the night of June 6, Lisa made her debut on TikTok by posting her first video, featuring her gorgeous figure and slim waist, which created a buzz. Despite her private account, Lisa’s number of followers is rapidly increasing.

In addition, fans have been moved by the presence of a pink and black heart in her TikTok channel description, as it serves as a symbol of her unwavering pride in being a member of BLACKPINK, even as she runs a personal account.

The launch of Lisa’s TikTok channel has fans excited.
lisa blackpink-tiktok
lisa blackpink-tiktok
Lisa didn’t forget to include symbols representing BLACKPINK in her TikTok description.

Additionally, Lisa has hinted at her upcoming solo comeback. In the audio portion of her recent video, she included the words “COMING SOON – LISA,”sparking excitement among her fans on various platforms, including X (Twitter). This has resulted in speculations that Lisa’s solo comeback may take place in 2024.

The official fan page of LLOUD, Lisa’s personal company, wasted no time in keeping fans waiting for too long. An image with the words “COMING SOON”was posted, teasing her highly anticipated return. As she launches her TikTok channel and hints at her comeback, it is highly anticipated that Lisa’s solo album will generate a huge buzz upon its announcement.

blackpink lisa
The sound source for Lisa’s TikTok hints at her comeback
lisa blackpink-loud
LLOUD also announces Lisa’s highly-anticipated comeback.

The source is K14.

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