8 Idols Who Took Legal Action Against Sojang: ‘SM Entertainment Artists Revealed as Victims’

After the revelation of Jang Wonyoung’s case, a summary of charges revealed the other victims who had also filed a lawsuit against the notorious Youtuber Sojang.

Prior to this, Starship Entertainment had enlisted the help of overseas lawyers to identify the individual responsible for the infamous YouTuber Sojang, who is also recognized for her channel “Taldeok Camp,”with IVE Jang Wonyoung being under their supervision.

Her actions of spreading false and harmful information about K-pop idols on social media earned her a notorious reputation, resulting in millions of earned revenue. In doing so, she caused harm to numerous celebrities and negatively impacted their public image and reputation.

8 Idol Victims Who Sued Sojang Revealed: 'I Is From SM Entertainment'

Despite numerous attempts by idols to sue her, they were unable to locate her because of her anonymous identity. However, with the assistance of Wonyoung and her team, they were finally able to track her down.

After retrieving her information, they proceeded with the lawsuit and in May, she was ultimately charged with violating the Information Communications Network Act (also known as defamation).

The online community revealed that the 8 idols who had also sued Sojang were subject to strict prosecution.

8 Idol Victims Who Sued Sojang Revealed: 'I Is From SM Entertainment'
8 Idol Victims Who Sued Sojang Revealed: ‘I Is From SM Entertainment’ (Photo : theqoo)

The official summary of charges from the Criminal Division 1 of the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office is presented below:

Victim B: Several fabricated videos falsely claiming that the debut of a fellow trainee was cancelled because of the victim’s jealousy, without any evidence to support such accusations. (defamation, insult)

Victim C: Videos were released accusing a singer signed to a label of participating in ‘Sajaegi’ without any evidence, which could be considered defamatory and harmful to the label’s business.

Victim D: Spread false information through posted videos, which wrongly accused the victim of participating in prostitution in the Philippines, without any supporting evidence. (defamation)

Victim E: The victim was falsely accused of undergoing a certain cosmetic procedure without any evidence, leading to defamation and insults.

Victim F: Fabricated multiple videos falsely claiming that the victim underwent a specific type of liposuction, which constitutes defamation and insults.

Victim G: Falsely accused the victim of leaving the group because of a romantic relationship, despite the fact that the victim had actually left due to health reasons. This accusation was defamatory and insulting.

The victim, H, was publicly shamed through the posting of videos that made false claims about the authenticity of their facial features.

The first victim posted edited videos insinuating that the victim had taken a stylist’s shoes and failed to return them, making false accusations of theft without any evidence. This behavior constitutes defamation.

Upon publication, K-netz were quick to identify many of the aforementioned incidents and were shocked to learn that SM Entertainment had also silently filed multiple charges against Sojang.

A few of the remarks were:

  • “Victim I (EXO Suho) is from SM Entertainment.”
  • “SM you finally did your job. Please work hard.”
  • “There is no HYBE. Please save BTS and leave the company.”
  • “These bast*rds at HYBE are not working. Did you always copy and paste the quarterly notices? Are you writing a novel with just a few lines? Get the results quickly, you bast*rds.”
  • “It’s strange that Starship Entertainment is spoon-feeding everything to the companies that couldn’t due it.”
  • “Aren’t B and I the same? I think there was an E too, but there were too many E’s.”
  • “She made celebrities suffer through ridiculous rumors, so I hope they pay the price they deserve.”

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