Why Shinso’s move to Class A in My Hero Academia’s epilogue is perfectly timed, explained

Since his introduction in season 2 of My Hero Academia, Hitoshi Shinso has captured the hearts of fans who have eagerly hoped for his inclusion as a recurring character in the series. His distinct personality and dynamic interactions with the other members of Class 1-A have made him a beloved character among viewers.

In Chapter 425 of the My Hero Academia manga, fans were thrilled to finally see Shinso join Class A after being promoted to his second year at U.A. High. His debut in Class A was perfectly timed, especially since Yuga Aoyama had just officially dropped out of U.A. High.

Why the timing for Shinso’s inclusion in Class A in the My Hero Academia Epilogue is ideal

The Epilogue arc of My Hero Academia began in chapter 424 of the manga, which was released last week. In chapter 425, readers were given a glimpse into the post-war lives of the heroes and the efficient recovery of Hero society, largely due to the efforts of U.A. High’s Principal Nezu.

The U.A. chapter began with a graduation ceremony for the third-year students. It also marked the advancement of Deku and his classmates to their second year. Additionally, Yuga Aoyama made a potentially last appearance, revealing his decision to leave U.A. High in order to atone for his mistakes and strive to become a genuine Hero in the future.

Despite the initial announcement that Aoyama would be joining Class A, it was later revealed that Hitoshi Shinso from the General Department would take his place. While this unexpected twist may have surprised some fans, it was not entirely unforeseen as many had predicted Shinso’s eventual transfer to Class A.

Hitoshi Shinso as seen in the anime (image via Bones)
Hitoshi Shinso as seen in the anime (image via Bones)

Shinso’s introduction to the series occurred in season 2 of the anime. This is when viewers learned of the challenges he faced due to his Brainwashing Quirk, such as being judged and ostracized by his peers. The negative perception of his Quirk also made it challenging for him to be accepted into the hero program, as his classmates were afraid of his abilities.

Despite initially having no interest in making friends, Shinso’s battle against Deku proved to be a turning point for him. He soon found acceptance from those around him and was surrounded by many who considered him a friend. Shota Aizawa also played a crucial role in Shinso’s development, mentoring him and helping him gain control over his Quirk, allowing him to use it effectively.

As the Joint training arc neared its conclusion, it was revealed that Shinso would be joining the Hero course in his second year. This was due to his remarkable display of skills and potential, which proved that he was capable of surpassing anyone he set his sights on. The Class 1-A students were ecstatic at the prospect of having Shinso join their class and eagerly convinced him to be a part of their group.

In the concluding battle arc, Shinso played a vital role in the heroes’ triumph. Therefore, his eventual reunion with his classmates in Class A during the Epilogue Arc of My Hero Academia’s second year marks the completion of his character’s journey.

In fact, joining Class A at that particular time was ideal for him, as it not only provided a fresh new beginning but also demonstrated the significant growth of Shinso’s character since his initial introduction in the series.

It is fitting for Shinso’s character to conclude in this arc as the Epilogue gradually ties up the character arcs of all the series’ characters, culminating in his acceptance into Class A.

This transformation from an ostracized figure, dreaded by those around him, to a cherished Hero with a supportive circle of friends, has been a remarkable journey to behold. As a result, fans eagerly anticipate his continued presence in the future installments of the My Hero Academia manga.

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