XDefiant Players Want Changes to Collision System

In XDefiant, players may experience frustration when their bullets and gadgets collide with their teammates, causing inconvenience during gameplay.

Teammate collisions have become a growing issue for players in XDefiant. When trying to throw a grenade or shoot at enemies while standing behind a teammate, these actions are often hindered by your ally’s body blocking.

Despite the presence of this collision system in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, friendly fire is not a concern. However, in XDefiant, your allies can still block your bullets and gadgets, while your enemies are able to move through you.

A video posted on Reddit shows a player in XDefiant engaging the enemy while using a door for cover. Their teammate suddenly moves into the same cover just as the player throws a grenade. The grenade accidentally bounces off the teammate’s shoulder and falls back into the room, resulting in the player’s elimination.

Teammate collision is such a great feature byu/VladPut1n inXDefiant

Nonetheless, this is not the sole case of players discussing the problem of friendly collisions. In fact, there was another thread on Reddit where a player brought up the exact same issue.

In response, one player expressed, “I’m attempting to rack up Blitz shield kills, but it’s absurd that enemies can effortlessly pass through me and attack me from behind.” Another player added, “I can’t believe how many times I’ve tried to catch an enemy off guard by running into them, only for them to simply run through me and avoid death.”

This resulted in players requesting the XDefiant development team to reverse the collision logic, enabling teammates to pass through each other and instead collide with enemies. However, eliminating friendly collisions would diminish the game’s current level of realism to some extent.

Despite the game’s numerous issues such as Shotgun inconsistency and the irritating Bunny Hop spam, the developers have been very communicative and have already scheduled some fixes to be implemented in future patches. This offers hope that the collision issue may also be resolved.

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