Guide: Where to Find All Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 now features the arrival of the Final Shape, allowing players to acquire Prismatic Fragments that grant access to formidable abilities.

The Prismatic buildcrafting subclass is the most significant alteration in Destiny 2 The Finals Shape. It provides players with the ability to harness all five elements of damage simultaneously, offering a wide range of Aspects and Fragments for added flexibility.

There are a total of 21 Prismatic Fragments available, but not all of them are easily accessible. Therefore, here are the locations for each and every one of the Prismatic Fragments.

All Prismatic Fragment locations in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, unlocking the Prismatic subclass will grant you five Prismatic Fragments. Additionally, playing through the campaign will earn you three more. However, the remaining 13 fragments must be obtained from other sources.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Campaign Prismatic Fragments

There are a total of 11 Prismatic Fragments that can be found in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape campaign.

Fragment Location
Balance Given as an encounter reward
Blessing Given as an encounter reward
Courage Given as a default reward
Dawn Given as a default reward
Hope Given as a default reward
Protection Given as a default reward
Purpose Given as a default reward
Ruin Given as a default reward
Bravery Ascent: Jump down the side of the wrecked plane.
Devotion Dissent: Found in the small maze during the escape sequence.
Sacrifice Iconoclasm: Go left in the room with a War Beast statue and look for a light you can climb up to.

Prismatic Fragments in Pale Heart – Destiny 2

In Pale Heart, located in Destiny 2, there are an additional five Prismatic Fragments that can be collected, although they are only accessible after completing specific challenges.


  • Inside the Cosmodrome wall in The Divide, you will come across a frozen room guarded by a Shrieker and a group of Acolytes.
  • Objective: Utilize a concealed Scorch Cannon to eliminate ice clusters and harness the elemental orbs in nearby generators to obtain precisely 10 energy points. The spawned enemies hold the key to unlocking the chest.


  • Location: In The Transgression, in a cave with purple crystal next to an open area with a large tree.
  • Objective: Eliminate all Taken Eyes in the cave without losing three lives, and defeat the Tormentor miniboss.


  • Location: West of the landing zone in The Lost City, in an empty building.
  • Challenge: Defeat three Attendant and a Tormentor to find the key that unlocks the chest.

What is Justice

  • Location: Follow the Awoken Tunnel near The Landing spawn point in The Refraction. The chest is in a small Awoken chamber.
  • To complete the challenge, place three Solar Crystals in the brazier that correspond with the Hive rune acquired from the Solar Crystal. Once this is done, defeat the group of enemies that appear and the chest will open.


  • Location: The Lost City Outskirts, located west of the Lost City.
  • Task: Locate four inactive Ghost shells scattered along the path from the courtyard to the shore. Once all four have been gathered, step onto the pressure plate next to the Prismatic chest situated on the shore.

Memories of Light Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2

To acquire the next three Prismatic Fragments, Awakening, Dominance, and Generosity, you must unlock three Memories of Light in Destiny 2.

Hunter Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2

You need Prismatic Fragments to tune your subclass.

The Awakening

To acquire the Facet of Awakening, it is necessary to have Memory: Refractions of Light. In order to access this Memory, Vestiges of Light must be obtained.

The Vestiges of Light, obtained from Micah-10’s Alone in the Dark questline, serve as a form of currency. By defeating enemies during the quest, players can collect enough Vestiges of Light to successfully craft the memory.

After obtaining it, head South in The Refraction and search for a cluster of small trees. Ascend to the highest point of these trees, where you should find the Prismatic Chest.


The Facet of Dominance is obtained by unlocking the Memory: Seclusion of Light after completing the Alone in the Dark questline given by Micah-10. It is worth mentioning that the Memory obtained is randomized, requiring multiple attempts to acquire the desired one.

After obtaining it, head to The Seclusion and search for a waterfall located in the northern part of the area. The Prismatic Chest can be found on the right side of the waterfall when you climb up.


To obtain the Facet of Generosity, one must first unlock the Memory: Blooming of Light, just as with the Seclusion of Light. This requires completing Alone in the Dark to obtain the Vestiges of Light, which will then unlock the Memory: Blooming of Light.

After obtaining it, make your way to The Blooming and proceed to the South-West corner of the Traveler tree. You should be able to locate the Prismatic chest nestled among the roots of the tree.

Memories of Dark Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2

To obtain the Prismatic Fragments in this location, the initial requirement is to unlock three Memories of Dark. Afterward, both the Facet of Honor and Facet of Solitude can be located.


Prior to discovering Facet of Honor, it is necessary to first unlock Memory: Divisive Darkness. This can be achieved by obtaining five Vestiges of Darkness, which can be found by cleansing corrupted chests in the Pale Heart.

Once you obtain Memory: Divisive Darkness, mark it on your map and use it to guide you to The Divide. Once you reach the top of the mountain, search for the Cosmodrome in the distance. From there, look down from a sloped wall to spot the Prismatic chest on a platform below.


After obtaining Memory: Impassive Darkness, you can locate Facet of Solitude. This Memory becomes available after completing the Stitching event on five Pale Heart chests. To find the Prismatic Chest, head North-East in The Impasse and look down from the corner next to the out-of-bounds zone.

This is the process for locating Prismatic Fragments and utilizing them in the Prismatic subclass. In case of any difficulties, be sure to consult the Destiny 2 server status and the optimal meta build for The Final Shape. Alternatively, you can also learn how to obtain the Ergo Sum Exotic Sword for your adventures.

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