Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred missed an Easy Opportunity to Revive the Best Class from Diablo 2

Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred could have been the ultimate expansion for the game had the developers listened to fans and reintroduced the most demanded class from Diablo 2.

The upcoming expansion for Diablo 4, titled Vessel of Hatred, will be the largest DLC for the game thus far and will serve as a continuation of the main story campaign. In addition to introducing new game modes, the developers have also incorporated a new class known as the Spiritborn, set to release on October 8 alongside the DLC.

Despite the fact that Spiritborn is not a bad class, Blizzard did not take advantage of the perfect opportunity to include a beloved character, the Paladin. There have been numerous requests for the Paladin to appear in Diablo 4 on social media for quite some time now.

The Paladin’s popularity in Diablo 4 is unmatched, thanks to its exceptional performance in Diablo 2. So, what makes this the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the class? It’s because the Vessel of Hatred is set in Nahantu, one of the key locations in Diablo 2, and Kurast, a notable town within the area.

Diablo 2 Paladin
Blizzard Entertainment

The Paladin has been one of the most requested classes in Diablo 4.

With Diablo 4 returning to the outskirts of Kehistan and the inclusion of Nahantu, it would have been the perfect opportunity to introduce the Paladin class from Diablo 2. Additionally, with Mephisto as the main antagonist, reminiscent of D2, everything would have fallen into place perfectly.

Nevertheless, Blizzard opted to introduce the Spiritborn, a completely novel class to the series. While it was a bold move to add a brand new class to the already vast franchise, not reviving the Paladin was a definite missed chance.

Despite the expansion being four months away, players should not dismiss the possibility of another class just yet. However, it seems unlikely that a Paladin will be included in the upcoming Vessel of Hatred alongside the Spiritborn.

Despite the excitement surrounding the upcoming expansion, it is important to not overlook the current season. If you are progressing to the later stages of the game, be sure to utilize our top Barbarian, Druid, and Necromancer builds to aid you on your seasonal adventure.

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