How to Obtain Dead Wire Detonators in MW3 Zombies

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, players can obtain the Dead Wire Detonators, which electrifies all guns and explosives they are carrying. Here’s how to get this powerful upgrade.

How to Obtain Dead Wire Detonators in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Season 3 Dark Aether Rift
Screenshot by Prima Games

In order to obtain the Dead Wire Detonators in MW3 Zombies, players must complete three missions within the third Dark Aether Rift. This new rift, which can be found in the center of the red Tier 3 zone, was added in the Season 3: Reloaded update and follows the same unlocking requirements as the previous rifts.

To access the Dark Aether Rift, players must obtain and enhance four different relics, which must then be presented at the appropriate altars within the swirling tornado. Below are the steps to acquire each of the four relics.

  • Giraffe Toy
  • Imaginary Friend Drawing
  • Laptop With Stickers
  • Science Journal

Once activated, the portal will materialize and a powerful Disciple must be defeated in order to permanently unlock the teleporter. The victorious battle will yield a valuable Sigil item, which must be placed at the entrance of the Dark Aether Rift in order to gain access. More Sigils will be required for future journeys and can be obtained by completing Tier 3 contracts.

MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rift map
Screenshot by Prima Games

Upon entering the Dark Aether Zone, you will be given a set amount of time to fulfill three contracts and successfully extract with your rewards. The map above highlights the locations of these contracts, and each one is marked by a prominent beam of light that can be spotted from afar, especially when positioned on higher ground.

The northern contract is Eliminate the Bounty, the eastern contract is an Outlast mission, and the southern contract is the Escort mission. Each completed contract will activate a Reward Rift where there is a possibility of obtaining the Dead Wire Detonators as a single-use item.

Crafting Dead Wire Detonators in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Dead Wire Detonators Schematic
Screenshot by Prima Games

The schematic for the Dead Wire Detonators can be obtained by completing the three contracts in the harder version of the same Dark Aether Rift. It is possible for the schematic to be rewarded as a drop from the contract completion.

The more challenging Dark Aether Rift will necessitate the use of an Elder Sigil item, which can be obtained as a contract reward in the standard Dark Aether Rift. Players will have a limited time of 15 minutes to complete three contracts and successfully exfil. For the tougher version, a team of six is essential as the enemies are even more formidable than those in the regular rift.

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