How to Obtain the Golden Mask Filter in MW3 Zombies

The option to obtain the Golden Mask Filter in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies enables players to automatically recharge their gas masks, eliminating the need to locate an ammo refill station. Here are the steps to acquire the Golden Mask Filter in MW3 Zombies.

How to Obtain the Golden Mask Filter in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Season 3 Dark Aether Rift
Screenshot by Prima Games

MW3 Zombies players who complete three missions in the third Dark Aether Rift can obtain the Golden Mask Filter. This new rift, located in the middle of the red Tier 3 zone, follows the same rules as the previous rifts and was added in the Season 3: Reloaded update.

To proceed in the swirling tornado where the Dark Aether Rift lies, players are required to acquire and enhance four relics, which must then be presented at the designated altars. Below are the steps to obtain each of the four relics.

  • Giraffe Toy
  • Imaginary Friend Drawing
  • Laptop With Stickers
  • Science Journal

After being placed, the rift will materialize and an elite Disciple must be defeated in order for the rift to be permanently unlocked. It will grant a Sigil item, which must be used at the base of the Dark Aether Rift to gain entry. More Sigils will be required for future attempts and can be obtained by completing Tier 3 contracts.

MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rift map
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you have entered the Dark Aether Zone, your time will be restricted to fulfill three contracts and successfully exfiltrate with your rewards. These contracts are marked on the map and can also be spotted easily from afar, as each one is accompanied by a tall, luminous beam of light that can be seen from rooftops.

The northern contract is Eliminate the Bounty, the eastern contract is an Outlast mission, and the southern contract is the Escort mission. After completing each contract, a Reward Rift will be spawned with the possibility of obtaining a one-time use item, the Golden Mask Filter.

How to Make a Golden Mask Filter in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Golden Mask Filter Schematic
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Golden Mask Filter schematic can be acquired by successfully completing the harder version of the same Dark Aether Rift and fulfilling the three contracts mentioned earlier. There is a possibility for the schematic to drop as a reward from the contracts.

The main distinctions between the two are that the more challenging Dark Aether Rift necessitates the use of an Elder Sigil item, which can be obtained in the standard Dark Aether Rift, and participants are given a strict time limit of 15 minutes to complete the three contracts and successfully exfiltrate. The adversaries are significantly stronger, so it is advisable to enlist the assistance of random players to form a complete, six-person squad.

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