One Piece Chapter 1109 Closes Years-Old Debate According to Fans

One Piece chapter 1109 seems to put an end to an age-old feud between fans of the manga.

One Piece is currently in the climax of the Egghead arc. The Buster Call is temporarily stopped by the arrival of Erbaf’s giant pirates, Dr. Vegapunk has left behind a recording that will reveal the truth behind the world, and Saturn has just called in reinforcements that already promise to be devastating.

We know that Eiichiro Oda intends to put an end to Luffy’s adventure in the year, and this end of the Egghead arc reaches unprecedented proportions. The author of One Piece has just released one of the most thrilling chapters to date, filled with information but also action.

And Luffy’s fight, central in this 1109th, seems to have revived an old debate between fans of the manga. For once, the reactions seem unanimous.

Warning: spoilers for One Piece chapter 1109 ahead!

Admiral or Yonko: the debate reaches its conclusion in chapter 1109 of One Piece

While there is chaos on Egghead Island, Luffy single-handedly holds back the two biggest enemies on the ground to allow Sanji to escape with Vegapunk.

If the future king of pirates is supposed to be content to keep Saturn and Kizaru with him, he does not limit himself to catching them and lecturing them. On the contrary, the hero goes further by revealing his new attack, “Symbals Dawn” … and imitates a pizza maker by playing with the Dean and the Admiral who have become dishes like pancakes – or pizzas, in this case.

If this part of chapter 1109 made readers laugh a lot on social networks, it was also taken up for the Yonko vs Admirals debate. A heated battle between the fans, each preaching for one side: the Yonko being the Emperors of the seas on the pirates’ side, the Admirals representing the highest rank in the Navy.

Kizaru was already knocked out earlier in the manga by Luffy, and seeing him get mauled and ridiculed again in chapter 1109 seems to have created a consensus about the power of the Navy’s most powerful officers.

On the other hand, if the Admirals no longer find as much favor with readers, there remain super-powerful enemies that the heroes will still have to confront: the members of the Gorosei, ready to do battle with the pirates to silence Vegapunk who wants to reveal the truth about the world of One Piece.

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