The Pokémon Go community helps single players against higher-level Raids

Pokémon Go players are offering advice to players without a local community, as it’s almost impossible for them to complete high-level Raids alone.

Pokémon Go is a community game where players are meant to go out into the world and enjoy it together. But what if you live in a rural area where there are no active players, and you have to face the challenges of Pokémon Go alone?

This situation is made more difficult by time-limited events, such as the recent Amovenus Elite Raids, which could only be completed during specific times. These challenges can be quite difficult with a group of friends, but are almost impossible alone.

It’s still possible to spoof your location, but doing so could result in your Pokémon Go account being suspended. As such, some Pokémon Go players must use other means to connect with active trainers to participate in major events.

“Friendless” Pokémon Go Players Need Help

A user on the Pokémon Go Reddit created a thread asking how they are supposed to complete Raid Battles of high-level Dark Legendary Pokémon when they don’t have friends to play with. Other users came into the thread to offer their advice.

How tf am I supposed to get one when I have no friends? byu/darkasshadow inpokemongo

“Try to see if there is a local Discord group for your area,” one player advised, “They usually organize Raid Trains there. You can show up and join them, then you’ll have people to Raid with in the future. I picked up Pokémon Go recently and started the year with no one to Raid with, a month later I’m Raiding with 10-20 people.”

“Campfire, local discords, move to NYC,” one player wrote, while another said, “Do you have any extra phones?? If so, create additional accounts to be able to play this type of Raids.”

Many people have suggested Pokémon Go’s Campfire feature. “Campfire is really useful,” said one user, “I signed up for an encounter today and got a shiny! I recommand it! “

Ultimately, you don’t need to play with others to enjoy Pokémon Go. The game has enough single-player content to keep players occupied for hundreds of hours. It’s just a shame that there aren’t better options for those who don’t have access to a local community, because it prevents them from participating in premium content.

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