Warzone players adore new MW3 Sniper Rifle that one-shots from any range

The addition of new weapons in the Season 3 update has been well-received by players of Warzone and MW3. Some players have even gone as far as to say that the MORS is now the top choice for a one-shot Sniper.

The game’s latest update, Season 3 for Warzone and MW3, brought in a variety of new weapons, one of which being the beloved MORS Sniper from Advanced Warfare.

During the beginning of the season, players have been putting the Sniper to the test and assessing its strength. The general consensus among the majority is that it is the top-performing Sniper in Warzone.

Speros, a content creator, lauded the MORS as the “best Sniper in Warzone by far,”citing its ability to take down enemies with one shot at any distance and its incredibly fast ADS speed.

According to ‘WZStatsGG’, the MORS Sniper has been deemed as the most effective 1 shot Sniper in Warzone Season 3. This weapon boasts the ability to eliminate enemies with a single headshot from any distance, and its Charge Barrel feature allows for incredibly high bullet velocity.

It’s not just them who have positive opinions about the MORS. Other X users have also expressed their admiration for this weapon. One post stated, “The MORS is absolutely amazing! I haven’t enjoyed using a sniper so much in a while! It’s such a relief to finally have a sniper that I know I can excel with!”

Another gamer also expressed a comparable opinion about MW3, stating that it was “enjoyable to use”and the top choice for multiplayer as a Sniper. In fact, a player even shared a video of their impressive “triple collat”on the new MW3 map Emergency using the MORS, highlighting the community’s fondness for the Sniper.

The MORS has gained popularity among MW3 Zombies players, with some even comparing it to a powerful “Wonder Weapon”due to its effectiveness against MWZ enemies and bosses. This is evident from comments shared by players, such as those found on Twitter.

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